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Boys Lacrosse:



March 4, 2021


Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is doing.  


Just wanted to give everyone an update on the upcoming season.  It looks like we will be playing lacriosse this spring.  We are working on exactly how, restrictions, etc.  


Registatrations will open on Monday March 15, 2021.  There will be no fee at this time.  We will worry about the fee at a later date once we know what the season will look like.  We will be using the registratiosn for numbers to make sure we can field all three teams. 


If anyone has any questions please let me know. 


Beckie Whitaker




Girls Lacrosse: 

Registration is now open.  If there are any parents interested in coaching or helping with the progtam at any level - please reach out to Kathy Budaj.